Monday, September 7, 2009

Quality Assurance Dashboard

Quality Assurance Dashboard: A QA dashboard is a reporting tool, to manage and track given project. It will provide a high level summary of white-box and black-box testing status, major show-stopper bugs,  scorecards, performance metrics, and reports that are distributed to both client and server side stakeholders. The portal provides a single source for critical information with on-demand availability, access, and visibility into vital program activities. It also provides one-line summary about a particular BUILD or Release Candidate status in Green or Red bar - Green (looks good) and Red (Major blocks - needs to be fixed).

The dashboard also provides a breakdown of performance metrics by area of responsibility to distinguish between the metrics within the scope of projects' responsibility and control, and those that are affected by other organizations or agencies. The Dashboard provides online access to a drilldown to the status of the individual performance metrics, including trend analysis, by functional area and service area. 

The dashboard also answers the following main questions:

  • Status of testing
  • POA for testing for given release candidate or build for given day
  • When will it be finished
  • Why is it taking so long
  • Have you tested (specific item) yet ?
Dashboard becomes effective because 
  • Provides management and all stakeholders a detailed test status reports
  • Provides visualization of overall testing in terms of charts or graphs or data or stats

Here is an example 
HTML template of a QA dashboard. A good start for folks looking to develop your own dashboard.

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