Wednesday, February 24, 2016

From An Idea to Minimum Viable Product!

While working in Silicon Valley learnt about the concept of MVP Stands for Minimum Viable Product.

Let’s look at what MVP means:

In product development, MVP is described as getting minimum features developed just enough to get trusted customer feedback quickly.  This equips product members and various stakeholders to make quick decisions about their awesome idea or concept.

Usually various start-ups built MVP to know more about adaptability and revenue that their concept might generate.

Here’s how to go about achieving MVP to launch successfully and quickly:

Idea – Have an idea in mind... Just pen it down. Penning down your idea or concept would help you draw vision and audience base. It will help eliminate unknowns and uncertainties. This will also help you get align with focus.

Be Intelligent – Now you have vision, focus, and concept. What’s the next step? Figure out the problem. What pain-point you are trying to solve? Is this really needed? Should it really be built? Answer yourself to build the confidence! As the confidence, the positivity and the believe in idea will take you miles in the run…

Priority - Outlining relevant and important aspect for MVP is key.  As initial step, first identify what exactly you need out of features from your concept. Get it prioritized based on market analysis and trend.

Develop – Once you know what you want to reach users quicker, building the concept into actuality becomes a critical step. As you are building solution towards identified problem, in the process, you are learning too. Ensure to have metrics/analytics in place. As measurement and leanings will shape up your startup’s engine.

Cloud – With AWS, Google upcoming Cloud Solution, Micrsoft Cloud Solution…world is moving towards cloud and eventually scalability! However there are many cloud orgs which can help you pay for what you use model. These will help save tons of money providing sustainability and scalability.

YouTube – Yes Youtube! You might have heard that a video worth of million dollar words! J Youtube allows you to advertise with them. So instead of getting a heavy duty demo for your product or way too many pages to advertise, get a video built. Craft it carefully and message it smartly. Videos go viral now a days and it would be like mouth-publicity for your product to reach millions in no time…

Duration – As you need to get your idea quickly in market, you are short on time. In such cases focus on Mobile as thats the new and hot industry which will help you run your marathon and not a sprint. Focus on getting something out quickly on iOS and Android. You can put website/ support for all browsers et al to rest for now and build the mobile version first. Also buidling mobile version first help getting a web version up and running down the line.

Conclusion - Getting a Minimum viable product is key for your startup's success. Getting it tested by real end users helps you get feedback right away to modify or revisit the idea. 

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